Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Five Great Pieces of News About Fruit!

William Tell once shot one off his son's head in an old Swiss Legend that appears to have been based on an older Norse legend about a marksman. Modern iconography seems to always depict the fruit eaten by Eve in the Garden of Eden as one. One a day, so the saying goes, keeps the doctor away.

The magical, flavorful, crunchy apple is today's topic.

Is it really as good as they say it is? Actually, it may be even better.

Apples have been shown to contain several contents that are unique and carry significant health benefits.

First, they contain phlorizin, which has been shown to lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity in a rat model.

Secondly, they are very high in pectins, which have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol in both rat, guinea pig and human models.

Thirdly, the pectins found in apples and other fruits actually cause colon cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, a type of suicide.

In addition, they also contain quercetin, a flavonoid compound that actually protects against lung cancer.

Finally, as if you needed more reasons to up your intake of apples, they actually appear to help with weight loss! Three apples or pears a day seemed to make it easier for women in one study to lose weight.

So go get yourself a pocket knife, or an apple corer or just eat them as they come off the tree, but eat some apples! I'm going to have one right now.

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